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Business Value Program

Business Value Program

What is the BVP?

The “Business Value Program” has been purposefully designed to provide you significant benefits to achieve exceptional business success.

So what are the benefits?


Market Trends and News

Would you like the opportunity to plan your buying based on market trends and news?

At least every month, we will update our website with key market information and trends you must know. The information provided will be derived from our knowledge of the industry based on the trading information we come across in the ordinary course of our business.

Consider this: If your purchases over 1 year amount to $100,000 and you were able to achieve a cost saving of only 2% because you were increasingly aware of market trends and news — this translates into an extra $2,000 profit for you.

So how can you achieve a cost saving of 2% or more.

  • Buy in bulk before price rises.
  • Plan your buying requirements ahead of time based on product availability and seasonality especially when prices are comparatively low.
  • Plan your specials or promotions around the time our products are comparatively well priced. Rather than bearing the total cost of putting on a special, take advantage of our specials and maintain your margins whilst promoting your business at the same time.
  • Sometimes we all get in a pattern of buying the same thing week after week, month after month. Now, you can have the option of using or trialling suitable alternative or substitute products which are significantly cheaper, the only difference being, we will make you more aware of their existence as and when they become available.

For the very astute, cost savings can be significantly more than 2%.

In summary the total value to you could be hundreds ($100’s) and even thousands of dollars ($1,000’s) per year.


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The information in this section is made available for information purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for other generally available business and market information. Further, the views expressed herein are those of the company based on market conditions that specifically relate to the company’s affairs at the time of publication. The information is provided as a guide only and is not intended to be solely relied upon when making decisions of any kind.

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Referral Rewards Program

One-Off $500 Referral Reward

Do you have colleagues that can be benefiting from our services?

Let us reward you for your kind referral of their business to us!

Any new referrals that result in Great Ocean acquiring an individual new business customer that purchases more than $2,500 in each of their first 3 months of trading with us will earn you a $500 discount voucher that can be claimed against any outstanding balance you may have with us (whether an individual or a business).

The only proviso is that the new business customer must have a separate and distinct business from your own.

If you, as the referrer belong to a group of businesses, then you may still qualify for the discount vouchers, so long as the purchases made are solely for the new business which is part of that group.


Bonus Referral Rewards — More rewards for you!

With only 2 qualifying referrals over a 12 month period you will get an additional bonus discount voucher of $500. Your total value is therefore $1,500.

And with 3 or more qualifying referrals over a 12 month period you get an additional bonus discount voucher of $1,500. Your total value is therefore $3,000.


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Member Feedback Rewards

Sharing your thoughts with us can make you money!

We are continuously looking to improve the website to give members like you more value and more of what you want. Therefore, we encourage you to send us feedback in the form of comments or testimonials.

Any feedback from BVP members which features in our future website updates will attract a further $250 discount voucher.

We appreciate and acknowledge your time and effort in providing this feedback and thank you for your commitment to supporting this service.


How and what feedback can you provide

Send your feedback to email or fax (02) 9519 4894.

In considering what feedback to provide, think about what value the BVP program has brought to you and your business? For example:

  • The specific information or BVP program content which resulted in a benefit to you
  • The $ value of the benefits (e.g. discount vouchers, increased sales, increased profits, reduction in costs) and over what period of time
  • The nature of any other non-monetary specific benefit (e.g. time saving, better work environment, improved predictability, reduction in uncertainty, better planning, increased peace of mind, better relationships)
  • Any other comments which will improve the website to give our members more value and more of what they want

Remember, if your feedback is selected to be featured on our website you will receive a $250 discount voucher.


Membership Fees

To enjoy the benefits of a Silver Member - $75 + GST per month

To enjoy the benefits of a Gold Member - $99 + GST per month


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BVP Money Back Guarantee

In the unlikely event that upon expiration of 90 days membership, you are dissatisfied with the value of this Program and

  1. you provide us with written notice within 7 days of such expiration, and
  2. you have not qualified for any discount vouchers,

we will give you a money back GUARANTEE and refund your first 3 months membership fees.


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BVP Exclusive Specials

Take full advantage of our BVP specials.  The more you buy the more you save.

Savings could be thousands of dollars ($1,000’s) or up to tens of thousands ($10,000) per year for large volume buyers.

By becoming a Gold Member, you will be offered specials which are exclusive to BVP members only.


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Business Success Tips

This area is for business owners and astute business managers who have a strong desire in benefiting from relevant business information and tips that will reinforce and promote the success of every business.  We acknowledge you already have a strong ambition to succeed in business and are a very competent and highly skilled business person, or why would you be in business in the first place.

Now consider this, sometimes it only takes one bit of information, or one tip to make a significant contribution that can drive your business success further.  Even if you came across that information or tip only once a year it could be extremely beneficial in the long term.  That’s the point of this section, to provide you with tips and information every month that if implemented with due care and diligence can help you generate significant rewards in return, whether be it in the form a financial reward, better work-life balance or a less stressful and more productive  environment to work in.

An example: Do you periodically survey your customers about your product quality and service, or what they would like more of?

Customer surveys can be very simple and yet provide fantastic feedback on what’s working and what isn’t.  You can do them verbally or in writing.  It can be specific to a particular product or service you provide.

Upon signing up as a Gold member, you will be provided with one form of customer survey which is guaranteed to increase customer loyalty and sales frequency almost immediately.


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